Training Services

  • Personal and Corporate Leadership
  • Corporate and Personal Strategic Planing
  • Personal Growth Planning
  • Professional Growth Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Life Strategies Coaching
  • Professional Coaching
  • Staff Development

Our Vision

To be a leading personal and professional development training provider with the aim to change lives and build better futures.

Our Mission

To deliver educational services with integrity aimed at changing lives and building better futures; helping people be better versions of themselves and improving corporations to enable organizational improvement and greater profits.

Training Classes

# Seminar Title Seminar Details
Seminar #1 The Life Reboot Challenge Defining success, preparing for and welcoming change, controlling and managing your thoughts, the power of choice, and finding balance.
Seminar #2 The Path to Effective Personal Leadership How our thoughts affect our choices, building a clear vision, finding balance, practicing re-framing,managing change, ambiguity and confusion, how to lead with focus, discipline and purpose.
Seminar #3 Personal Strategic Planning Benefits of a personal strategic plan, identifying your values and principles, strategic planning principles, defining your vision, mission and goals, SWOT analysis, and documenting your personal strategic plan.
Seminar #4 Living Life Fearlessly Recognizing fear, symptoms of fear, the many faces of fear, types of fear and moving from fear to freedom.
Seminar #5 Woman to Woman: Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions Thoughts, feelings and emotion - the basics and connection, the thoughts behind our emotions and feelings, finding balance, emotional strength and fueling positive emotions.
Seminar #6 Mastering Your Life: Making the Most of the Life You Have Life philosophy, Self-mastery, hindrances and keys to self-mastery, self-location and self-definition, labels and self-image, intentional growth, obstacles to growth, handling failure, time management and everyday time wasters.
Seminar #7 Healing Broken Places: Recovery of Life's Past Hurts The truth about human brokenness, changing perspective and attitude, making healing choices, practicing forgiveness, faith, hope and love, and steps to detox from past wounds.
Seminar #8 The Fundamentals of Leadership What is leadership? Opportunities and challenges of being a leader, identifying your leadership style, effective communication skills, coaching and providing feedback, leadership through influence, being a motivator of people and effective relationship building.
Seminar #9 Starting Your Business and Building Your Brand Identify your interests and passion, research your market sector and potential customers, narrowing your niche, documenting your vision, mission and values, developing slogans, logos and website, advertising and getting the word out.
Seminar #10 Woman to Woman: Taking Control of Your Finances Creating a budget, following the money, handling debt and managing your spending, using credit wisely, creating a personal savings plan and planning for retirement.
Seminar #11 Woman to Woman: Losing Weight and Staying Healthy Eating well, staying fit, the role of supplements, eradicating stress and emotional eating, making a daily commitment to physical health.
Seminar #12 Living By Design: Finding and Achieving Purpose Discovering your purpose, honing your skills, gifts and talents, moving into and living your purpose.
Seminar #13 Setting Boundaries Living without boundaries, understanding and developing boundaries, setting boundaries with family, friends, spouses, children, work and self.
Seminar #14 Woman to Woman: Stupid Things Women Do Lighthearted seminar on the different things women do to bring pain and anguish into their lives.
Seminar #15 Life Lessons: Things We Do That Complicate Our Lives Lighthearted seminar on the things we do that complicate our their lives.
Seminar #16 Dream It, Plan It and Live It: The Keys to Getting the Life You Want "No-excuses" strategies to help you envision, plan and execute on the life you want.
Seminar #17 Simple Secrets to a Life of Happiness Lighthearted seminar on the secrets to accomplishing a life filled with happiness.
Seminar #18 Growing on Purpose: Keys to Reaching Your Full Potential Self-discovery and self-awareness, mindset shift, personal growth focused on purpose, overcoming aimlessness and purposelessness, personal growth strategies, avoiding daily distractions and rabbit trails.

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